Mirador Astronomy Village

Key proposed features of Mirador Astronomy Village include:

  1. Residents rent their domiciles and there are no up-front costs to live in the community except for a standard rental deposit.
  2. Residents interested in having their own observatory will rent them and provide their own equipment.
  3. The community will be operated as a renter-owner cooperative.
  4. Astronomy programs will be provided for visitors, guests, and residents.
  5. Lodging will be provided for visitors and guests, and there will be facilities for RVs.
  6. There will be no dusk-to-dawn lighting, and allowed lighting will be designed and installed so that it does not interfere with astronomical activities.
  7. Affordability will be accomplished through community income and by sharing resources so that community members will not be required to individually own everything they need or use.

The elevator speech: Mirador Astronomy Village Project Summary (for land owners)

Four of us (two couples) created Mirador Astronomy Village LLC in November 2020 to move the project forward beyond the theoretical stage to something concrete. We currently have five members. We are looking for a property with good astronomy characteristics, ideally a house already on site and, preferably, a spot for an RV with hookups.  An existing observatory would be ideal. We will need enough land to build other houses and a small RV park near the highway.  We are seeking additional members to join the LLC, so please contact David Oesper (david@miradorastrovillage.org) for more information. If you have or know of a suitable property, we'd like to hear about that, too.

For more information about specific community features we'd eventually like to include, see https://miradorastrovillage.org/mirador.pdf.

Please contact David Oesper at david@miradorastrovillage.org for more information.

If you would like to financially help Mirador Astronomy Village become a reality, please consider the following:

You may also want to join our moderated dark-sky communities discussion group at